Carrera 255-35-20 97W XL
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Carrera 255-35-20 97W XL

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  • Item #: 2553520CA
  • Manufacturer: Tri Ace
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 2553520C
  • Condition: New
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Treadwear 420 - Traction A - Temperature A 


Shoulder blocks give accurate drive ability during sharp cornering 
Successive ribs in the central part of tires increase stability & sense of direction in straight moving 
Combination of grooves and channels placed at variable angles in curved area, break through a water film effectively and get excellent grip 
Cap plies wrapped spirally at 0° Angle and full width steel belts, give good drive ability at high speed. 


The TriAce Carrera is absolutely the best tire on the market today for buyers on a budget. A compliant ride, quiet cabin decibels are just some of the strengths of this tire. This tire stands up to the name brands known in America such as, Michelin Pirelli Vredestein Toyo and Goodyear. The Carrera has a high specification asymmetric tread pattern. The side of the shoulder blocks provides stability during cornering and tight hairpin turns. Numerous stiffeners in the central portion of the tire improved stability and controllability during straight running. The combination of grooves and slits arranged at different angles, effectively treats water film and provides a great grip. In this model one-piece seamless steel cord layers are stacked at zero angle, which provide ideal handling when driving at high speeds.


In contrast to the more common three-radii contours, the Ultrac Vorti has a four-radii contour, designed to increase the contact surface and even surface pressure distribution. When taking bends, the outer shoulder of the tire carries the heaviest load, which results in changes to its footprint and surface pressure distribution. The renewed tire contour ensures a smooth transition round bends. The tire has an asymmetrical tread, and Carrera designed this asymmetry which increases the outer shoulder’s contact with the road when maneuvering to the right and left, building up a larger lateral force. This in turn has a positive effect on handling.