HP108 96W BLK 275-30-19
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HP108 96W BLK 275-30-19

Price: $127.00
  • Item #: FWHP1090
  • Manufacturer: Fullway
  • Condition: New
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  • Adopts the asymetric pattern design
  • Meets performance characteristics of 30-65 series
  • High performance tire suitable for all passenger sport car
  • The unique tread design ensures excellent traction on wet roads
  • Rim protector helps protect against wheel damage
  • Treead pattern provides a comfratable and quiet ride
  • UTQG 380/A/A 


FULLWAY TIRE CORPORATION is one of the top tire manufacturers in China. Fullway Tires utilize modern advanced and sophisticated machines to produce their tires. The tire tread patterns are designed specifically to meet today’s high speed driving needs, with unique tread patterns for both wet and dry road conditions. Fullway Tires are very aesthetically pleasing, have excellent handling and provide as smooth a ride as any other big name brand tires. The Fullway HP108 also balances extremely well compared to other name brand tires. Fullway Tire also has many different sizes available for passenger cars and trucks.