HTR H4 215-60-15
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HTR H4 215-60-15

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  • Item #: 5516158
  • Manufacturer: Sumitomo
  • Condition: New
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Sumitomo HTR-H4 

Treadwear - 400 Traction - A Temperature – A

Features and Sepecifications
• Advanced Silica Tread Compound enhances traction for wet and snowy conditions while maintaining superb dry road performance levels
• Tread designed for optimal balance of grip, handling, and quiet ride
• Smooth Ride - Jointless Nylon Band (JNB) Technology 
• Attractive, undulation free sidewall - Dimensionally Stable Polyester Carcass
• Computer Optimized Tread Pattern 
• Shoulder Stabilized Tread Blocks - Provide predictable steering response, grip, and handling
• 3 Wide Straight Grooves - Maximize water evacuation for wet grip and anti-hydroplaning 
• Long Parabolic Curved Grooves - Enhance wet grip and reduce tire noise 
• Multi-Pitched Variation Tread Blocks - Achieve noise reduction and minimize irregular wear
• Curvilinear Multi-Sipes - Give outstanding wet & snow traction while providing a more comfortable ride
• Over 92% Coverage of Top H-Rated Performance Market with 23 most popular sizes