Monte Carlo / SS 1978 - 1988

Drift-R - (2)18x9 Front & (2)18x10 Rear RT - (2)18x9 Front & (2)18x10 Rear
Drift-R - (2)18x9 Front & (2)18x10 RearRT - (2)18x9 Front & (2)18x10 Rear

Scarallo - ROH Wheels Drift-R has become an icon for the segment of cars that it is designed for. The Drift-R is a timeless style that has a very sporty look

Scarallo - ROH Wheels has produced the RT as a very muscular wheel with sharp lines. The RT is one of the most popular wheels in the line-up



ZS - (4)17x8.5
ZS - (4)17x8.5

Scarallo - ROH Wheels.  The ZS, one of our most popular wheels.