Proxes R1R 235-45-17 94W
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Proxes R1R 235-45-17 94W

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  • Item #: 170170
  • Manufacturer: Toyo
  • Condition: New
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Toyo Proxes R1R
Treadwear - 140 Traction - AA Temperature


Features and Benefits
The Proxes R1R is extreme performance for serious street driving. Developed from years of grueling on-track experience and engineered to elevate performance standards, it allows capabilities beyond normal driving limitations. An aggressive, arrowhead tread design, extra wide footprint, high-grip compound, and advanced autocross-inspired casing design, provide every advantage while driving hard the corners and quickly accelerating down the straight-aways. 

• Silica-Reinforced, high-grip tread compound improves grip for even better handling during spirited driving 
• Unidirectional Arrowhead tread design achieve balance between wet and dry conditions 
• A tapered center block edge stabilizes block movement for better handling and increased tread life, while helping increase
  resistance to hydroplaning 
• Stability control slits improve dry performance by maintaining block stiffness during aggressive braking 
• Multi-Width EVAC Channels – Narrow at tire edge and widens at shoulder block to enhance steering feel