Proxes T1 Sport 245-40-18 (97Y) XL
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Proxes T1 Sport 245-40-18 (97Y) XL

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Toyo Proxes T1 Sport
Treadwear 300 - Traction AA - Temperature A


Features and Benefits
Asymmetric Tread: Outside
• Wider and more even contact pressure resulting in better cornering performance.
Asymmetric Tread: Inside
• Wide grooves and rigid rib-based design enhance braking performance and help to prevent hydroplaning.
 High stiffness sidewall and high hardness bead filler
• Quicker and more linear steering response as compared to Proxes T1R.
Wide profile design
• Improves contact pressure distribution for better cornering and braking performance as compared to Proxes T1R.