Versado LXII 235-40-18
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Versado LXII 235-40-18

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  • Manufacturer: Toyo
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Toyo Versado LXII
Treadwear 400 - Traction AA - Temperature A

Features and Benefits
Wet Traction and Dry Performance
• Quiet Ride and Smooth Performance Throughout Tread Life
• "Silent Wall" grooving has perpendicular serrations reducing pipe resonance, thereby lowering noise.
• Multi-Wave sipes reduce pattern wear, thereby reducing noise throughout the long life of the tread.
• Luxury and Comfort Asymmetric tread design and special non-directional tread enables cross rotation to reduce irregular
All-Season and Snow Performance
• OUTSIDE - Larger contact patch to increase lateral stiffness
• INSIDE - Higher sipe density to obtain an "Edge Effect” biting the snow for more traction.
• Wet and Dry Traction Silica compounding in H-, V- and W-rated sizes aids wet performance without sacrificing tread life.