Best Wheel and Tire Packages in Oyster Bay, NY

Best Wheel and Tire Packages in Oyster Bay, NY

Best Wheel and Tire Packages in Oyster Bay, NY

Choose the ideal tires for your car to go with that new set of wheels you’ve been admiring. Alternatively, if your tires need replacing, treat your car well and get new wheels at the same time! Our wheel and tire sets are the ideal fusion of design and function for trucks, sports cars, SUVs, and everything in between.

Build a Wheel and Tire Package with us in Oyster Bay

Some of the most well liked wheel and tire combinations available today are included in our wheel and tire bundles. You won’t have to worry about the logistics of many orders or installations, all you have to do is order your new setup. Here at Auto Trend Tire & Wheel, we have a huge selection of styles, manufacturers, and wheel/tire categories from which you may choose to create your own set of wheels and tires.

You save money on installation with wheel and tire packages!

When you buy your wheels and tires together, you save time and pay for only one installation, which is less expensive than having them done separately.

All you have to do is choose the wheels and tires you want to complete your package, add them to your basket, and enter the information about your vehicle. Make an installation appointment at the location of your choice after completing your transaction! We will be prepared to schedule your TPMS Sensors servicing appointment at the same time as we put your car on new wheels and tires.

What is included in a Tire and Wheel Package?

Free mounting and road force balancing are included with a tire and wheel set. For an extra fee, you may add a wheel installation kit to your order, which includes valve stems, hub centric rings (if necessary), nuts, or bolts, depending on the vehicle. If your vehicle has TPMS sensors, we also advise adding these to your package. To secure your investment from theft, you might also wish to add wheel locking, often known as lock nuts.

Get Professional Customer Service today!

Make picking the best wheels and tires for your car less stressful! With our tire and wheel bundles, you can easily select wheels for your car and tires that will suit both it and the wheel of your choice, with no guesswork required.

Your vehicle’s year, make, and model, as well as, in certain rare circumstances, the OEM tire size, are all you need to know. Take a journey through hundreds of wheel and tire combinations by plugging in this information. By using several, categorized criteria, you can further filter the results.

At Auto Trend Tire and Wheel Co. we provide best-in-class services at a low price in Oyster Bay. We also provide a 100% fitment guarantee when you buy from us. For any set of wheels or even selection, don’t hesitate to contact us. So are you ready to install? We are just a call away.

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