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F-150 Wheels

The Ford F-150 is without a doubt one of the most popular trucks on the market and the best-selling car in America. Even if owners of Dodge and Chevrolet trucks may disagree, the Ford F-150 has a lot to offer, and the ongoing improvements made with each generation, along with a number of other elements, clearly demonstrate why people adore this enduring American pickup truck so much.

Having the proper tires that can provide the performance you want when you need it is essential to keeping your F-150 prepared for anything. Let’s examine several elements to assist you in selecting the rubber that will treat you fairly.

Types of Tires for your F150

Let’s first evaluate which kind of tyre would best fit your demands before selecting one for your Ford F150. To help you get the most out of your truck, let’s break down some of the available tyre types:

1. Highway tires

These tires are designed primarily for pickup trucks and SUVs, although they may be used all year round. If the conditions aren’t too harsh, these tires are designed to give excellent traction on the road as well as some decent off-road performance.

2. All-terrain tires

The key to success is versatility. These tires will protect you if your journeys take you off the paved surface and into mud, rock, or gravel. Get solid, consistent traction on the ground and traction that gives you confidence.

3. Terrain tires for mud

As implied by the name. These tires are designed to be thoroughly soiled. Off-road, across muddy, filthy, or damp terrain, while keeping traction. No matter what stands in your way, these robust treads are designed to keep you firmly grounded to the ground.

4. Light Truck Work truck tires

Don’t be misled by the moniker; the “LT” stands for “light truck”. These tires are designed for heavier-duty vehicles and SUVs. They can handle some off-road challenges as well. LT tires are an improvement above regular passenger tires due to its former sidewall and more robust structure. LT tires can be your ideal option if you frequently plan to load your vehicle or SUV down with numerous people or cargo.

Services and bundle for tyre installation in Smithtown

A proud industry pioneer in tires and wheels is Auto Trend Tire and Wheel Company. With our tire installation package, our team of automotive professionals is dedicated to getting you “Out The Door.” The following complimentary services are included in the installation fee:

No cost mounting

The skilled tire fitters at Auto Trend put your tires properly. Charges will be assessed for seasonal tyre changes after the first tyre installation.

Alignment inspections at no cost

For a free alignment check at any time, bring your car in. The performance of your car’s wheels and tires as well as its steering performance depend on how well they are aligned. To maintain your tires perfectly parallel, get your alignment checked every six months or 6,000 miles. By doing this, you may extend the life of your tires and save money on ongoing maintenance.

Tire rotations for free

All of your tires will wear their tread more uniformly with regular rotations. The best source for a suggested rotation schedule is the owner’s handbook for your car. Every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, or earlier if uneven tread wear starts to show, is the recommended interval for this treatment. It is essential to have one of our professionals check for alignment issues or other mechanical issues before rotation if uneven tread wear is noticeable.

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