Jeep Wheels in Patchogue, NY

Jeep Wheels in Patchogue, NY

Jeep Wheels in Patchogue, NY

It is a common fallacy that Jeep accessories like wheels are simply for show, this simply isn’t the case. Sure, your Jeep’s rims are frequently one of the first things people notice about it, and there are several eye-catching styles to choose from, but upgrading may also provide noticeably greater performance and longevity on your upcoming off-road excursion. Or offer superior fuel efficiency and handling for your diverse on-road activities.

Some frequently asked inquiries that we get are about choosing the right wheels and knowing they’ll fit the vehicle. These are excellent questions that we get asked all the time. So join us as we examine the top criteria to assist you in selecting the ideal wheel.

Using the Right Material

When examining Jeep wheels, you can generally divide them into two groups: steel and alloy. Off-roaders typically choose steel rims because they are heavier, more uniform, robust, and more affordable than their alloy counterparts. They can take a beating off-road and yet return for more. Steel can be simply hammered back into place, making them extremely simple to repair.

On the other hand, alloy ones are suitable for everyday drivers because they are frequently several pounds lighter than steel and built from lightweight materials like aluminum or magnesium. Your Jeep will start and stop much more easily because of the lower weight, which also improves fuel efficiency and handling.

A lighter vehicle may better disperse heat away from the braking components during difficult driving conditions and puts less stress on the suspension system. However, due to production processes and the lesser weight of alloy wheels, longevity is not always a primary consideration.

Understanding Bolt Patterns

Every Jeep wheel’s unique bolt layout aids in mounting the wheel to the hub. For instance, the majority of Wrangler wheels are 5×4.5 or 5×5. This indicates that they are five-lug wheels, with lugs equally distributed along a circle of 4.5 or 5 inches. While XJ, YJ, TJ, ZJ, and WJ ones all vary, CJ bolt patterns are typically 5×5.5.

If you are unclear of your vehicle’s bolt pattern, speaking with a team member at Auto Trend can be a great help.

Size of the Rim

It is easy to match the desired rim to a certain tire by matching their diameters and adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended width. For instance, a 15-inch tire, such as a 215/75R15, must fit a 15-inch wheel. Following that, each tire will have certain width requirements, in this case 7-8 inches.

This isn’t to say you couldn’t cram a tire onto a rim that is a different size, like a 10 inch one, or even a larger one like a 33 inch, 35 inch, or 37 inch one, but you should proceed with caution. We strongly advise picking a wheel width in accordance with the recommendations provided by the relevant tire manufacturer for your safety. Additionally, whichever option you select, your Jeep’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System will still work.


This is where things start to get a bit complex since, in addition to the conventional bolt pattern, every wheel has an offset and backspace measurement. These are often important figures for anyone who wants to add a lift kit, a body lift, or raise their car in any other way.

When it comes to offset, it refers to the distance between the mounting pad and the centerline of the wheel. The smaller the offset, the more outside it will mount, which is often excellent for raised Jeeps.

Similar to offset, backspacing measures the distance from the mounting pad to the inner edge of the wheel. Less backspacing means that the wheel protrudes less into the wheel well, lowering the danger of rubbing.

Get your Jeep Wheels from Auto Trend in Patchogue

Are you looking for the best wheels for your awe-inspiring Jeep Wrangler or any other model? Feel confident in stopping your search when you find Auto Trend in Patchogue, NY. In addition to many other well-known manufacturers, Auto Trend Tire and Wheel Co offers a huge variety of high-quality aftermarket steel and alloy Jeep wheels & accessories in Patchogue.

Therefore, whether it is Liberty Jeep, Renegade Jeep or Wrangler, we’ve definitely got you covered. Contact Auto Trent today and book an appointment for a better road experience.

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