Staggered Wheel and Tire Packages in Great Neck, NY

Staggered Wheel and Tire Packages

Staggered wheels are a type of wheel arrangement used on automobiles, trucks, and other types of vehicles when the pair of wheels on one end of the vehicle have a different size or shape from the wheels on the other. This often indicates that the back wheels are bigger than the front wheels, frequently by a few inches.

Large selection of packages with rims and tires and staggered wheels in Great Neck

For many years, Auto Trend has specialized in custom fitments and staggered wheel and tire fitments, making them your go-to source for wheel fitments.

Find the widest assortment of staggered wheels in sizes ranging from 15″ to 24″ by first typing your car into the search box above. Try it out and if you have any questions, our wheel fitment professionals are here to help. We’ve made it easy to locate every fitment for your car that is feasible, so give it a shot.

What does it mean when wheels are staggered?

When wheels are staggered, it indicates the front and rear of the car have different sizes of wheels. Wider wheels on the back of the car, such as 19×8.5 front wheels and 19×10 rear wheels, are the most typical staggered rim fitments.

Wheels that are wider and often 1 inch bigger in diameter can be found in the back of several cars, including the Acura NSX, Chevrolet Corvette, and others. Usually, rear-wheel drive automobiles with staggered fitment wheels include the Infiniti G35, Nissan 350Z, several BMW applications, Mercedes applications, Audi, VW, Ford, Porsche, and many more.

Can a front-wheel drive automobile have staggered wheels?

Some FWD (Front Wheel Drive) vehicles, like the Acura TL, have enough space in the back to accommodate a bigger wheel, but in most situations, you will need to modify the rear fenders to accommodate a wider wheel and tire. Many wheel manufacturers have developed a mimicked staggered application if you want the staggered appearance with a bigger lip in the back. This indicates that the rear wheels have a larger lip than the front wheels while having the same diameter and breadth.

Why do people run Staggered Wheels?

People run staggered wheels because of these basic reasons:

Performance of Staggered Wheels

The rear tires can make greater contact with the ground thanks to a wider configuration, which improves grip and acceleration. For this reason, you frequently see high-performance street vehicles with thick rear wheels and tires. To be able to apply all of that force to the ground, they require the extra breadth.

The Look is improved

There are several justifications for using a staggered configuration. First, it looks amazing! On many cars, a staggered layout results in a much more aggressive stance. This design frequently appears on vehicles like the Mustang, E55 AMG, and Supra. A bigger wheel is necessary for optimal fitting because many of these automobiles have broad rear hips.

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