Winter Tires and Rims Packages in Lindenhurst, NY

Winter driving; some people are afraid of it, some people despise it, others have no idea what to anticipate. What if we told you that making it an afterthought is actually rather easy to do?

Admitting you might not know what you’re getting yourself into is crucial to not only surviving but thriving on snowy and slippery roads.

Because of this, we’ve put together a list of reliable winter tire and wheel options based on the type of vehicle you drive. Auto Trend has your back whether you drive an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or Tesla.

How do winter tires vary from all-season tires, and what are they used for?

Again, driving in the winter poses a variety of difficulties. Heavy snowfall, black ice, freezing rain, and blowing and drifting snow can alter road conditions. Due to special elements in their construction, winter tires perform notably better than all-season tires. Here are a few characteristics that set them apart.

Provide flexibility.

All-season tires’ capacity to grip the road is diminished by the hardening of the tread rubber brought on by extremely low temperatures. Winter tires have increased flexibility, which increases their grip.

Provide outstanding traction.

They push snow outward to prevent snow accumulation thanks to various tread styles. Winter tires keep up well and are a more affordable option to all-wheel or four-wheel drive, which many people think is required to survive the winter.

Provide better steering and braking

Winter tires’ suppleness and softness improve grip, which keeps them from sliding over slick surfaces.

Reduces the occurrence of Hydroplaning

Speed, poor tire wear, and standing water all contribute to hydroplaning. When water on the road causes your tires to lose touch with the surface, this is known as hydroplaning.

How to choose your Winter Tires

You may be pondering how to select the best winter tires, like every conscientious motorist. Here are some suggestions to help you choose your next pair of winter tires wisely while keeping your demands and spending limits in mind.

Consider the tire size

The size of your tires should come first; it will be one of the first inquiries made of you at the store. The size of both your summer and winter tires must match.

Simply check at the sidewall to determine the size of your tires. P225/60 R17 is a code that is comparable to this one. The tire code can be interpreted as follows:

The breadth of the tread, or the area of the tire that contacts the ground, is measured in millimetres and is represented by the number 225. The ratio of the sidewall height at the top of the tire to the tread width is 60, expressed as a percentage (section width). 17 – This number represents the tire’s internal diameter in inches.

Be aware of the types of roads you drive on

Knowing what kinds of routes you often travel on is essential when selecting winter tires. Do you often travel on motorways, side streets, or city streets?

Make careful to spend money on high-quality tires if you drive frequently. This is crucial if you drive a tiny car since they tend to slide more in bad weather. Tires with a decent price-quality ratio will work if you mostly drive in urban areas.

Do not mix and match your tires.

It is never a good idea to have several tire brands on a car. This might impair your driving, result in poor handling, and hasten the wear of various components. As little as possible, avoid mixing tires.

This is especially crucial if you operate a 4×4. Make sure you install four similar tires from the same manufacturer; failing to do so will put additional strain on the differential in your car.

Get the Best Winter Tires and Rims Package from us Today!

The possible combinations of winter tire and wheel sets are truly endless. Consider using one of the winter tire and wheel combinations mentioned above when it is time to convert to winter tires, or create your own.

Contact Auto Trend Tire and wheel Co. if you’re looking for the best winter tires and rim packages. When it comes to tires and wheels for any season, Auto Trend has the knowledge. For any information, you may also phone us.

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